Touring Ireland with a campervan

To travel along the Wild Atlantic Way with a campervan is a unique experience. The route leads along a breathtaking, scenic coastal road and there are many, many wonderful places to camp over night. Although camping on the Wild Atlantic Way is a beautiful experience it is very important for you to realize that many parts of the Wild Atlantic Way are not suitable for large campervans, because the roads are often very narrow.

Get to Ireland with your own campervan

If you want to bring your own campervan to Ireland you can chose from many ferry routes. Find all the ferries to Ireland here:
Ireland ferries overview

Campervan rental in Ireland

The simpler alternative to bringing your own campervan is to rent one in Ireland. For your trip on the Wild Atlantic Way your best guess is West Coast Camper Van. They offer modern campervans in any sizes and also classic VW T2's in 70s style, which is perfect for a real adventure and the dream of every camping enthusiast. Besides the great campervans offered, the flexibility of West Coast Camper Van is a great advantage, since it allows you, to pick up the campervan of your choice either at the airport in Dublin and Knock, or at Belleek in County Fermanagh, right at the Wild Atlantic Way.

Find the complete selection of campervans here and check their availability online.
Campervan rental Ireland

Things to know about campervans in Ireland

Caravan and camping parks for campervans along the Wild Atlantic Way

Find your camping area here Camping & Caravan Parks.

Wild camping in Ireland

Officially wild camping is forbidden in Ireland, although in reality nobody bothers, and as long as you do not leave any rubbish behind or disturb people and wildlife around you, everything is fine. Nonetheless it is always a good idea to ask at the closest house, whether it is okay for them if you spend a night as their neighbour, which it normally is. If you want to play it safe, ask a farmer for permission to camp on his land.

Left-hand traffic and more

In Ireland you drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you are not used to this, do not worry – you will get used to it very soon and get comfortable with it. When you pass another car, pass it on the right-hand side and when you drive into a roundabout – where you should always be extra careful, if left-hand driving is something new for you – drive clockwise. Basically everything is simply the other way around, when you are normally a right-hand side driver. Only one thing is not inverted: if there are not any signs at a junction left yields to right. In towns the maximum speed is 50 km/h, on regional roads (R) it is 80 km/h, on national roads (N) 100 km/h and on motorways (M) 120 km/h.
If on your travel you should pass through Northern Ireland, consider that you enter the United Kingdom and thus the speed limits are presented in miles per hour (1 mile equals 1,6 km).

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