Clifden to Galway

The Wild Atlantic Way continuous along narrow roads with the powerful Atlantic on one side and the rocky landscape of the Twelve Pins and the Maamturk Mountains on the other side through „the wild heart“ of Connemara. The strong howling winds coming in from the ocean accompany one along this exhilarating drive.

This is also another Gaetacht region. Over half of Ireland's Irish speaking population live in this area. The Irish language, culture and traditions are particularly cherished and protected in this area.

The ferry to the wonderful Aran Islands departs from Rossaveal (also from Doolin, County Clare) or you can take a plane from the Connemara Regional Airport. The Aran Islands are a place of tranquil beauty and traditional lifestyle.
One of Irelands Nobel literature prize winners Seamus Heaney asks in his poem „Lovers on Aran“: „Did sea define the land or land the sea?“ This question which begs an answer is not possible to respond to with regard to the islands of Aran as there is a oneness, a unity, a co-existing harmony mutually dependent on each other.

Connemara Highlights

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Aillebrack Beach
An Aill Bhreac
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Gorteen Bay
Port na Feadóige
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Cloch na Rón
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Pearse‘s Cottage, Gortmore
An Gort Mór
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Coral Beach
Trá an Dóilín
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Inis Oírr
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Inis Mór
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Ballynahown Pier
Céibh Baile Na hAbhann
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Silverstrand Beach
Trá na gCeann
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