Dunboy Castle Caisleán Dhún Baoi

The ruins of Dunboy castle are located on the entrance of Berehaven Bay. The fort was once a stronghold of the O'Sullivan Beare clan, to defend the bay. They charged high amounts of taxes from the fishermen, who entered the harbour with their boats.
The castle was burnt down by the British in 1692, in the famous Siege of Dunboy.
On the way to Dunboy Castle, one will also pass Puxley Mansion, which was destroyed by the IRA in 1920. In the early 2000's, restauration works were started, the building was to become a hotel, but this plan was given up in 2011.


Dunboy Castle is located 4 kilometres west of Castletownbere. 2,5 kilometres before the town, turn off the Wild Atlantic Way and drive through an ancient gate. The ruins of Dunboy Castle lay at the end of the road.



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