Ringrone Castle Rinn Róin

Only the remnants of a well have survived the downfall of Ringrone Castle, which once must have been a truly impressive building. Back in the day, it served as a stronghold to protect the bay at Kinsale, but the Siege of Kinsale (1601 – 1602) claimed its victims and not much later, the bombardement of the English destroyed the castle almost completely. Even though, not much of the castle is left, it is definitly worth a visit, as one will be rewareded with a truly spectacular view on the bay.


Ringrone Castle is located 2 kilometres south of Kinsale. 2 kilometres before entering Kinsale there is a road in direction of Sandycove leaving the Wild Atlantic Way. Follow this way for 200 metres until reaching the graveyard. Behind the walls of the graveyard lies Ringrone Castle.



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